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The DPA is a thriving community dedicated to fostering mentorship and growth. Our diverse range of offerings includes practice management guidance, entrepreneurship support, continuous professional development opportunities, social camaraderie, and unwavering solidarity.


Dental Protection in collaboration with the Dental Professionals Association (DPA) will be hosting the Introduction to Risk in Dentistry webinar. 

Registrations are now open for the webinar ‘Introduction to Risk in Dentistry‘, 5 July 2023 at 7pm.


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My first encounter with the DPA was during my first year, in 1993 at Wits. The DPA then was in its infancy and was organising welcome picnics for Black Dentistry students at Wits. I knew then that the DPA would be my home till the end. I grew professionally through the DPA ranks and was privileged to serve as its Chairperson in 2002/3. I have seen the DPA metamorphosis into a global movement and Brand. The DPA has always championed the plight of the downtrodden and has provided platforms to African Clinicians and Academics. The DPA continues to ounce beyond its weight and its achievements are too numerous for this space… I choose DPA every time.


– Dr Marcus Molokomme

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